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Since virtually every factor we could possibly examine – environmentally, physically, relationally, and spiritually – works together to either help or to harm healthful sustainable living, anyone can profit from better understanding:

  • The true nature of the “Healthcare Crisis” and why the economic and human costs are so high in conventional healthcare. Their costly ‘band-aid’ medical practices often do more harm than good.
  • Why we get sick and how we can become and remain healthy and whole in ALHWays therapeutic community”. If we do not deal with the root causes of our illnesses, then we may remain vulnerable to serious degenerative disease.
  • How health and wholeness through a supportive community can reduce or eliminate the need for conventional health care and medical insurance that are now seriously threatened in harm’s way.
  • How we can live victoriously supernaturally in therapeutic community in local economies free of control by unhealthy and ungodly forces – and what it looks like.

Disease is typically the consequence of our poor stewardship of God’s creation. Generally, the causes of illness and disorders involve man re-engineering, abusing and otherwise degrading the perfect world that God created or our failing to live as our Creator planned.

Our Lord designed us and our environment so that we could live “therapeutically”. Therapeutic means to cure or heal; to produce a healthy condition. This is the sense in which we use the term – Abundant Sustainable Living produces and maintains health and wholeness in body, mind, and spirit – physically, relationally, and spiritually.

Abundant Living in Harm’s Way (ALHWaysTM) lifestyles have the potential to eliminate the twin “healthcare crisis” problems of access and cost. ALHWays solutions, which are both natural and supernatural as God designed them to function in Creation, are local, economic, personal, and are far healthier than is conventional “healthcare”.  We examine the contemporary health care scene and compare it with the program our Creator has given us in nature.

For a comprehensive look at what is involved in being healthy and whole, we recommend Supernatural Health, “The Cure for the Healthcare Crisis”.  This 230,000 word practical guide also serves as a reference and teaching manual for moving from health care crisis to biblical wholeness.

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