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Health and Wholeness is the first branch of the ALHWays Tree of Life. Prepared ALHWaysTM facilitates healthy living physically, relationally, and spiritually in local sustainable communities and economies as our Creator designed and provides. It’s the “cure for the healthcare crisis” and a whole lot more.

Prepared ALHWaysTM facilitates all sorts of people in a wide variety of places living in health and wholeness in body, mind, and soul – physically, relationally, and spiritually in local “therapeutic” communities. Unlike our society’s counterfeit methods that have placed us in harm’s way, living in local economies is as our Creator intended.

These abundant living solutions feature:

  • Agriculturally-based communities within natural environments that support healthful living
  • Knowledge that people are physical, relational, and spiritual beings, and that both natural and supernatural forces and issues combine to produce roots of illness, disorders, and conflicts – and their restoration
  • Facilitating wellness in therapeutic communities and tangible local economies by living and working in God’s ways, including through healing and wholeness ministry

Living well in local economies and communities is healthy living. It is also the most joyful, economic and sustainable way to live.


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