Health and Wholeness – Total Wellbeing: physically, relationally, and spiritually – This section provides snapshot highlights of how YOU may enjoy abundant living in vibrant health through being Prepared ALHWays.

With growing concerns for the healthfulness of our food and water supplies and for their availability and cost, Prepared ALHWays helps guide households, businesses, and communities to healthy living solutions that are economic and sustainable, even in difficult times.

Your total well being requires not only life’s physical necessities, but also the relational and spiritual support of friends and neighbors. They may also benefit from this information and knowledge of how to participate with you in making Abundant Living in Harm’s Way a reality in the here and now.

Follow the prompts here in Health & Wholeness ALHWaysTM for support in gaining and maintaining healthy living for you and yours – whether the storm clouds are gathering . . . or the days are sunny and bright.